Plancha Grill

A plancha grill's cooking surface gets ready in under 4 minutes. It is easy to operate and involves turning it on at high temperatures. Within no time, the surface is at the required heat and ready to grill what you want. This equipement is identical to the barbecue, but the process of barbecuing takes much longer.

Its cooking surface cooks an endless array of foods from small foods like crustaceans to huge chunks of ribs. It does not dry out food, but rather cooks them in their own juices.

In a professional catering business, a commercial plancha grill is an essential tool because you get the convenience of cooking different food batches and monitor the process as well.

Owning this machine is advantageous in that it is very easy to maintain. This is because the only part that comes into contact with food is the cooking surface and that is what you only clean after use. Using this catering equipment, food does not have contact with the fire flames, thus makes healthy food that has no unhealthy dioxins. Lastly, using a plancha griddle gives you more control of temperature, giving you cooking precision and culinary success. The important factor to consider when selecting the best plancha grill is the type of power it uses, gas or electric power.

Waffle makers

A waffle maker, otherwise known as a cast-iron waffle maker, is an electric appliance used to make waffles. They are mostly sold as a single unit; however, they could also be components of a grill set. There are two types of the waffle iron. One that makes the traditional 4-inch waffles and the one that makes the oversized 6-inches round Belgian design waffles.

Most of waffle makers operate by pressing the lid style. For Belgian waffle makers, they can operate regularly or flip-style. They are meant for making waffles only and cannot cook anything else.

Waffle makers are easily affordable, and they range from $40 to 75$. They are also easy to clean as they only need to be brushed with oil occasionally to remove the baked waffles. Examples of a commercial waffle maker include the Cuisinart, Nordicware stovetop, and Sage by Heston Blumenthal.